An Old-Fashioned Open Sleigh Christmas

I spent yesterday battling technology.

Technology won.

Who knew that the simple purchase of a new HDTV would lead to upgrading everything from our TIVO and sound system to our wireless router, modem and internet provider? Never fear, I will return to fight again.

I sought solace last night with the things that soothe me. There MAY have been a glass of wine in my hand but my important instruments of calm are ink, paper, stamps. Ah, yes, it feels better already!


This card has no electronic gizmos that I have to make play nicely together. The sleigh appealed to my momentary yearning for a simpler time.

I have to admit, however, that I've never ridden in such a sleigh. I'm not likely to do so, either, as I don't believe there has ever been a sleigh-sighting in Georgia…not even in the giddy, alcohol-enhanced shenanigans of a UGA football tailgating party.

The charming sleigh is from the Open Sleigh stamp set (Wood #126460; Clear #126462).


What do you stamp for solace? Leave a comment with your favorite comfort-stamp and I may just find some old-fashioned blog candy to award!


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