8 Tips For Great Children Photos

Scrapbook1Whether you are a crazed-camera-toting mama or a casual-iphone-snapper, the photographs dearest to us are those of our children and grand-children. Scrapbookers may have the trendiest pages in the world, but if the photography is weak so too is the album.

Hampshire photographer Elizabeth Halford wrote a great article on photo-taking strategies when snapping those kiddo photos, called "8 Tips For Mom-A-Raz-Zo Photographers."

Here's an excerpt of that article…


"Photos of children are so vastly different from other types of photography. A photo of a child will always evoke emotion, no matter the quality, subject matter, composition – children are dear to every heart in some way or another so when I photograph them and approach a shot to edit, I handle each shot with sensitivity. Having taken about 30,000 photos in the past 7 years, it could be easy to become emotionless and robot-like in my approach to photography. Rather, I remain strongly connected and with deep emotion, particularly in regards to children.

"Here are 8 tips…to bump up your game:

"{1. Point of View} Try a different point of view rather than the normal face-on photo. Wait until they’re doing something sweet and try a shot of what they are doing.


"{2. Something to do} Hand them a toy or get them involved in an activity and wait until they’re engrossed before you start shooting."



Read Elizabeth Halford's full article (and see her photo examples) here.
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