What Color Is Your Twine?

White baker's twine can be any color you want.

To dye your Baker's Twine, create a mixture using rubbing alcohol and any color Classic or Craft Stampin' Ink refills. A good starting ratio is one tablespoon of alcohol to one drop of ink refill (you can adjust from there to get the color intensity you want). Soak the Baker's Twine in the mixture long enough to fully soak the twine. Lay the dyed twine on a clean paper towel to dry.


Incorporating fabric on a card or scrapbook page adds so much texture and dimension!

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  1. Barbara, I’d load a Melon Mambo marker into our spritzer tool and turn that pink spot on your leggins into a speckled fashion statement — LOL! Glad the coloring worked for you. :-)


  2. I got covered in melon mambo this morning trying to colour some very vanilla seam binding. I used too much and now have a little pink spot on my white cropped leggins.

    It has worked though and has dried nicely ready to go onto the card.

    thanks for the tip.

  3. Congratulations Krista! How awesome! You are VERY stylish! I can’t wait to see the new catalog… like these little banners…they’re so cute! Thank you for your sweet comments! I just got 3 more new stamps today to work on! See you soon! Love, Kathy

  4. Thanks for the useful tutorial, Kathleen. I want my Twine to be pink. Do you think it’ll look good? I’ll just try and I’ll comment again to tell you the results :)

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