Steve Jobs Remembered

Steve_Jobs_Headshot_2010 It should not have been a shock that Apple's visionary leader, Steve Jobs, died today. His battle with pancreatic cancer was a public one. Still, tonight's news that he had passed away both surprised and saddened me.

Our household was an early convert to Mac-fanatacism. From the original Apple computer to the MacBook I use today my Apple journey has been an integral part of my creative toolbox. I attended several Mac Expos and was among those who fought for front-row seats to be close to Steve Jobs' during his keynote address. Our attic is littered with the remains of Jobs' innovative technology that I just couln't bring myself to toss away when they had outlived their technological capabilities.

My sincere condolences to Steve Jobs' family and friends. And to Steve — all I can say is thanks for the ride.


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