48 Hour Warning: Free Treasure Box Ends Sunday

How did we get to the end of July???

I mean, really…didn't summer just start? While I'm ready to get past temperatures in the three digits, I don't know that I'm ready to dive into the back-to-school routine. On the other hand, it does mean that a certain 11-year-old boy will not be "bored" or begging to go do something "cool." (His cool is unlike my cool, evidently.)

The end of July also means the end of the great $99 startup special AND the bonus opportunity to receive a kit for the Keepsake Treasure Box pictured below.


What a terrific value — the startup kit ($185 value) has the ingredients for you to cook up your very own business…and the Keepsake Box adds another $40 of value to the pot. All for $99! Learn more about the business opportunity here, or call or email me to chat.

I had a guest join us at our monthly team meeting tonight. She received valuable business coaching, gained creative skills and had so much fun she's decided to join my team of demonstrators. You can be part of our group, too, and enjoy the company of business owners who love what they do!

I'll post the projects we made at our meeting tomorrow…meanwhile, consider what difference paying off a few bills would make to your household. Stampin' Up! can be the way for you to do that and to build a business that could pay off a LOT of bills. Give me a call. Your budget will thank you.


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