Hello Mackenzie Grace

Meet the new love of my life…


…with the "old" love of my life.

We brought Mackenzie home two days ago, and I swear she is already bigger!


Here's our new Mom feeding Mackenzie.


So, all is right in our little baby world. I'll be staying the rest of the month in D.C.

Heck, I may never leave. :-)

The good news is that they have phones and Internet in D.C., so I can reach customers. Those of you who had requested a catalog last week will receive your copy soon.

If you'd like a FREE catalog, send me an email with your full name, mailing address and telephone number. My lovely assistant — you saw him in the first photo above — will be getting those out this weekend.

Please don't hesitate to call or email if you have a question or would like to place an order. Gotta run; there's a baby calling me!



  1. OMG……..what a beautiful child. I know you are enjoying every minute of this.

    your friend……..

    Kathy Logan

  2. OH MY! She is gorgeous and oh so TINY…I forget how tiny they are when then come home…I see she has everyone already wrapped around her little finger…

  3. Retro Jordans :

    I really love your blog, Its great to find not absolutely everyone is just posting a ton of rubbish these days!

  4. Oh Kathleen I am so so happy for you all! Isn’t life as a grandmother just awesome? I remember those little bottles from Grayson being in the NICU last Christmas…
    Enjoy each moment that you get with them … I don’t know you are going to manage with them being so far…

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