Convention 2010: Candy Is Dandy

There is so much eye candy at Convention with swaps, samples and demonstrations that one can become a little jaded…like [YAWN], oh yes, there's another incredible 3D box with designer papers, pearls and distressed details that is…you know…just [YAWN] amazing…

You get the idea.

So when I first went to the Gathering Place to see what the displays were like, I expected the usual outstanding work. Just like every year. YAWN.

Oh, my. No yawns here.

Imagine an old-fashioned candy store with each section of treats sporting its own coordinated colors. Imagine bins of suckers, cupcakes, and rolled candy sitting in front of shelves of sparkling rolls, glitzy twists and yummy-looking candies. You got it? It's a dentist's nightmare, right?

Unless it's made of paper. Uh-huh. Really. Impossible to adequately describe, so let's go to the pictures.

Roll 'em!







No, thank YOU. These photos (and the other 200 I haven't shown you yet) are of the Candy Shoppe created by Stampin' Up! designers. I will post some more soon and I'm constructing an album just of the Candy Shoppe delights, so be sure to check back.

The overall color balance was a treat in itself, but the creativity blew me away.

Now I hear you saying, "But I'm not creative." To which I politely — but firmly — reply….HAH!

Anyone can be creative with guidance. So if you'd like to awaken your creative bones, I"m ready to be your guide. Email or call me today to host a party for your pals. I'm booking workshops in the Atlanta area for late August and the month of October; and in the Washington, D.C. area in mid to late September. I do the work and supply the creativity; you supply a snack and drinks; your friends supply the ooohs and aaaahs.

Available dates are limited, so don't wait — let's party!


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