My Digital Studio: Baby Onboard

RoughTypeTemplate-001Guess who's going to be a grandmother?

Yep, that's my granddaughter currently lodging in my youngest daughter, Katelyn.

The layout is a 8" x 8" scrapbook page created in Stampin' Up!'s My Digital Studio software. Oh, how I love this software!

What I don't love is the name "Grandma." So, what do I want the child to call me?

Well, of course I believe my granddaughter will come up with her own name for her cherished grandmother, such as "Wonderful-wise-woman-who-knows-all." My son-in-law, however, is not buying it.

So I need suggestions. Leave a comment with your favorite grandmother name — I'll draw a few names and send you one of my full project tutorials.

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  1. Kathy!!!

    Not sure about Katty — sounds like catty — LOL!

    I think I’m going with Gigi. Love all the suggestions!


  2. Kathy L……here. My grandsons had a hard time with names so Kathy became KAPPY. Works great.

    Kappy would work for you too……

    or even Katty…..for Kathleen.

    congrats….it’s a fun ride.

    Kathy L………

  3. My two year old calls my mother in law “mama”. I’m still “Mom”.

  4. Stephanie A :

    Congrats on your new status! I love being a grandma, just not the long-distance type! I live in Texas and he lives in Georgia! No fun! (I even told the parents that childcare was free in Texas!)My son, who made me the grandma, named my parents when he was young..mima and bepaw. The names stuck and all the grandchildren after him used the same names. When my son was a preteen, he was a bit embarrassed by those names and asked if he could call them grandma and grandpa and my dad said absolutely not! So the names stuck and still stick! Good luck on whatever your darling will call you!

  5. Wow, that’s good news. Congratulations to you. It’s very nice looking. Having loving Grand children is superb feeling. I am sure you will like your new born. It’s very nice that you have shared with us.

  6. My mother never liked being called “nana” – but that was good enough for my Grandmothers so I insisted that she was Nana! :) Some alternatives are “Granny” (She would have been Granny Smith … just like the apple), “Nan”, “Gran” ….if you have some other culture in your background see what options that gives you – Dutch is “Oma”, Flemish is “Boma”

    ….Personally I like “Nan” – it’s got the relationship right but none of the “old lady” image about it… and I don’t think you are anything like an Old Lady!!

    Congratulations by the way :)

  7. Congrats on becoming a grandmother. you are going to LOVE IT!!!! i am honored to have my grandchildren call me Grannie Mary and grandpa is called BoBo. our first grandson couldn’t say grandpa, it came out BoBo and has stayed with him. Again congrats!!

  8. Hi Kathleen – congratulations! My Mum chose to be called ‘Mary’ (her name) – like you, she wasn’t going to be called Nana or Granny! I think ‘Nanna Kath’ sounds OK, too. One friend’s kids call her Mum ‘Bijou’ – whatever takes your fancy, I guess! (I think that ‘Wonderful-wise-woman-who-knows-all’ sounds fabulous!)

  9. I can’t tell you how excited we are–as my eldest daughter said, “Let the pink begin!” I fully intend to be a completely obnoxious grandmom and carry full albums with me to show off! They live in D.C. but we’re doing our best to get them back “home.” :-)


  10. Hey Kathleen! Congratulations on being a grandmother! Oh it is the joy of a lifetime. I hope they don’t live to far away from you all. We spent a few hours with our grandson, Grayson on Thursday night. He is such a joy. I picked Mimi & Johnnie is Gramps. We will see what my little man comes up with when he begins to talk.

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