Lucy Gets All Tied Up


This is an innocent face.

The face of a loyal companion.

A dog named Lucy.

Lucy is my daughter Mikelle’s dog, and so there are things I will tolerate from Lucy that I would simply not abide with your ordinary dog-off-the-street. (I did, after all, let her live after she chomped on a brand new stamp set.)

This photo was taken shortly after Lucy had a nice haircut –- doesn’t she look just too cute in her Christmas pajamas?

But don’t let her fool you. Lucy’s innocence hides a heart determined to attack SNAIL adhesive.


Take a close look at the white “stuff” around Lucy’s neck and chin in this photo.


It’s SNAIL adhesive tape.

Lucy recently spent an entire afternoon disassembling a defenseless plastic holder housing SNAIL adhesive tape.

We’re not sure if she just has a passion for the tape adhesive or was attempting to make her own necklace. Either way, the holder never stood a chance.

If you need to restock your SNAIL adhesive – either because you’re working so hard on holiday projects or you have a dog with a taste for the white stuff — hop on over to my website to order online.


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