Need A Laugh?

This has been a busy, confusing week for me and I so appreciated seeing two things that made me laugh right out loud. I thought y'all might need a giggle, too, so before we have a look at today's samples…

The first humor moment was when I read an email from Cindy Marchant. Her tagline cracked me up:
"I worry that when I die my husband will sell my scrapbooking stuff for what I told him I paid for it!"

Now admit it — it's funny because it's true, right? LOL!

The second is a YouTube video that has nothing to do with the paper arts, but will be especially meaningful to those of you who have felt the pain of a "senior" moment. One of my favorite stampin' pals, Kathy Logan, sent me the link to this video. Enjoy!

I've not forgotten to wear clothing yet, but the way this week is going….anything's possible!

It's been such a hectic week that I especially appreciate the sentiment on this scrapbook page.


And here's one in very similar colors with a sentiment I love!


Now go…smell the flowers and create something wonderful.



  1. Great scrapbook pages! WOW!

  2. You are so right that it’s been a tough week. Thanks for the laughs and the samples!


  3. Love the video…… gave me a laugh out loud moment. Your scrap pages are beautiful.

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