Oh, my gosh.

Too much fun, my friends.

I received a great new software package about 30 hours ago. My Digital Studio allows me to create everything from photo albums, cards and calendars to multimedia projects using exclusive Stampin' Up! art, accessories and colors.

Which explains why I've been MIA — missing in action — for the last day and a half. KWIM? (Know what I mean?)

Here's just a few of the scrapbook pages I've created in mere minutes.



Seriously, within minutes I had these pages composed using a template from within My Digital Studio. It took me longer to choose my photos (well, to find them on my hard drive) than it did to create the pages.



The interface is easy and intuitive; it's available for both Macs and PCs at a really affordable price. Love, love, love it!

You'll love it too — My Digital Studio is available for purchase on October 1st. Got a question about My Digital Studio? Email or phone me — I'd be delighted to chat with you about it!



  1. Love your pages. I got my MDS too but don’t have enough memory to add it to my computer…….waaahhh. I had already decided to purchase a laptop but I haven’t had time to pick one up….. Have fun.

  2. Love what you have done, this is great.


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