Farewell, Mary Travers

You can't be a child of the sixties and not know the pure, powerful voice of Mary Travers.

Before the Beatles…before punk rock…before the onslaught of electric guitars and drum sets, there was folk music. Some of it was sweet and traditional. Some of it was gutsy and spun the stories of causes. Peter, Paul and Mary did it all.

Mary Travers passed away today and the music world is the poorer for it.

In tribute, I offer these scrapbook pages, put together in My Digital Studio. To view the pages as a movie, click on the link below and enjoy the strains of "Blowin' In The Wind," as sung by Peter, Paul and the late, great Mary Travers.

Download Mary Travers

If the movie does not load for you — or you're just not patient enough to wait for it to load — here are the individual pages.

Mary Travers-001 

Mary Travers-002 

Mary Travers-003 

Mary Travers-004

Mary Travers-006

Mary Travers-005

Mary Travers-007 

Mary Travers-008 

Mary Travers-009 

If you'd like to learn more about scrapbooking — traditional, digital or hybrid — give me a call. I'd love to be your creative coach!



  1. Nice pages! I’ve been deciding if I should get MDS…after seeing this I’m thinking I should. :-)

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