Just Fur You

The second week of this month is designated National Pet Week. Seems to me that every day is pet day…think about it. Someone to feed you, play with you, walk with you, love on you – who wouldn't want that?

How about a National Kathleen Day? Anyone up for that? LOL!

In honor of our furred, feathered, haired and scaled friends, here's a scrapbook page using Wild About You and featuring some rather exotic critters.

For most of us, our animal companions are more likely to be dogs and cats.

Magoo I've always thought of myself as a cat person, having had numerous felines over the years who allow me to serve them. We recently lost our beloved Big Brother, a large and lovable Maine Coon cat who was with us for 18 years.

Magoo's scrapbook page at right uses the Flight of the Butterfly stamp set.

All three of my grown daughters now have dogs and despite my cat leanings, their pets have become part of our family…chewed rubber and all!

DogTagThis tag uses the Eastern Blooms stamp set.

So here's to pets. While we run around with food, water, walks, litter, leashes, vet visits, medication and all the rest that pets entail, our critters look up with adoring eyes and just love us.

It doesn't get much better than that.

 Do you have an animal reigning supreme at your house? Leave a comment to share about your pet, and if you'd like to share a scrapbook page email it to me at maccreative@mac.com.



  1. Very nice, Kathleen! Thanks for sharing!

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