A Case of Chewed Rubbah

The scene: Sunday morning. Family arrives home from church to discover a trail of chewed rubber, a gnawed plastic case and scattered wooden blocks leading from the kitchen, up the stairs and into two bedrooms.

The evidence.


The alleged perpetrator.


Name Lucy, aka "Sweet Girl." Age 1 year. Alibi: none.

But how can you be upset with a face as sweet as this?

Despite tooth marks on the backside of the rubber, the stamps appear fine on the front. Amazing! That rubber is tough stuff.


Here is Sense of Time used on a card.


As the sentiment states, I've learned to put my stamps where Lucy can't get to them, I live to share paper arts, and I hope that Lucy decides she really doesn't like the taste of rubber! LOL!

Do you have a furry friend who "helps" you stamp or scrapbook? Tell us about your pet by leaving a comment.



  1. WOW.. you have the patience of a SAINT… i’m NOT so sure I would have felt the same.. Is this the same thing as,… “My dog ate my homework?”… :o )
    GREAT card by the way!

  2. Phyllis Strickland :

    No furry friend stories to tell, but I just had to hop on over from Google Reader to leave a comment. You card is gorgeous! Love the way used the hodgepodge on the clock face.

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