To Mask or Not to Mask, Is That the Question?

I've had some questions about the masking technique since yesterday's post, so here's a quickie lesson on masking.

Stamp the desired image on card stock, then stamp it again on a sticky note or scrap piece of paper.

Cut out the sticky note or scrap image, cutting just inside the lines to create the "mask," like the blue flower below.

imagePlace the mask on top of the previously stamped card stock image. It will stay in place if it's a sticky note; otherwise, just use a little Dotto, our temporary adhesive. (Love this stuff – the residue left easily rubs off without leaving a mark!)

Stamp another image over a portion of the mask to create overlapping images.

Remove the mask to see the results. 


Do you have a masking sample to share? Email it to me at to have it featured here on Stamp Journey.


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