Stencil the Night Away

imageWouldn't you like this cheery bird greeting you as you open your eyes in the morning?





Or how about coming home to this elegant design in your front hall or living room?





These are only two of several designs in Stampin' Up!'s new line of decorative room stencils.


Getting these designs on your wall is easy and fun.


Step 1

Adhere the stencil in place with
painter’s tape.


imageStep 2

Fill in the image with acrylic or
stencil paint. For a softer look,
dab on the color with a sponge or
stencil brush.



Step 3

Remove the stencil and admire
the results!



Click on the link below to see just how easy it is in this video with Stampin' Up!'s CEO, Shelli Gardner: 

Ready to stencil? Order now at my website – click here and then on the Shop Now button. You'll have a unique decor in no time!


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