Notecard Pizza Box Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to make the mini pizza box in this post.

We start with a piece of So Saffron cardstock measuring 5 1/2" x 10".


Score 1 inch from each edge on all four sides


Placing the paper in landscape position, score at 4 1/2" and again at 5 1/2".


Place the paper in portrait position and cut the four vertical short lines shown below.


Now cut the middle of the piece to create the top lid. Cut in horizontally from each side and then vertically. Stop when you reach the next score line. (Both are short cuts.)


Crease all the fold lines. Here's how it should look when you've finished snipping and creasing.


Flip the sheet over and place sticky strip as shown below on the four corners.


Now is a great time to apply any decorative paper elements on the inside or outside of your box. Sure, you can add them later after it's constructed, but it's easiest to do it now. I wait to add any trim to the rim of the box until it's put together, though.

When you flip the paper back over from our previous step, you'll see the sticky strip pieces are at the top as you fold the piece together.


Remove the liner from the sticky strip.


Here's a tip for those pesky plastic liner pieces that insist on clinging to you, your clothes, the dog, etc. Keep a moistened paper towel nearby. You just have to lightly brush the paper towel and the liner comes off your fingers and clings to the towel. Easy peasey!


Form the box bottom by adhering the sticky tabs to the front flap.


Do the same with the other end to end up with this:


Now you can add any trim to the edge of the lid, and notch the front edge with a circle punch.


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