A Rose Is A Rose, Or Is It?

Ah, Valentine’s Day…a time-honored expression of affection for lovers, friends and family. Millions of us will give gifts of chocolate, diamonds, candy hearts and, of course, the perennial favorite – roses.

AlwaysValentineBefore you plop down mega bucks for a dozen orange-striped roses for your honey, consider the meaning of flower color.  

According to the Gardener’s Network, rose color signifies everything from love and admiration to sympathy and unity.

Who knew that if you give someone yellow roses it could mean a new beginning? Or that pink means “thank you” and orange means “desire”?

I’m going with orange for my husband…signifying my desire for diamonds! Wonder if he’ll get the message? LOL!

There’s still time to get your message to your dearly beloved that you’d like a gift certificate for stampin’ and scrappin’ supplies. Call me at 678-467-1330 with your wish list and then slip my number to that person who’s wondering what to get for the big day tomorrow.

It’s almost as good as diamonds. :-)


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