Doin’ Wheelies

Here are the retiring wheels; a mixture of jumbo and standard sizes. Don't wait to order these as they'll sell out quickly. Ready to order? Click here and choose "Shop Now."

MateysMap Yo Ho Ho and a Stampin' Around wheel? Aarrrgh! It rhymes not no matter what ye do! Ah well. Just slap on a Stampin' Around jumbo wheel and yer good to go with the Matey's Map.

BroncoWheel Use the western-themed Bronco Stampin' Around wheel to create a rustic border. Pair it with the Bronc Buster stamp set for spur-kickin' fun!

BrightBulbs You don't have to worry about finding an extension cord with the Bright Bulbs Stampin' Around wheel; this strand will go as far as you need it to without the threat of burnt-out bulbs.

MakingTracks Whether you're four-wheeling or taking a road trip, Making Tracks is an excellent Stampin' Around wheel to accent scrapbook pages.

SandyShells Who doesn’t love the beach? Add a dash of paradise to your projects with a quick turn of the Sandy Shells wheel.

Snow Let it snow! Whether you have fluffy white blankets of it or only glance a single falling flake, the Stampin' Around Snow jumbo wheel announces the arrival of snow in one easy roll.


BoldSnowflakeEdited Jan. 8 to correct…the Bold Snowflakes wheel is NOT retiring.

Every snowflake is a unique, six-sided wonder. You can make your gift wrap and packaging as unique and wonderful as a snowflake with the Bold Snowflakes wheel.



SweetStars The heavens were marked with a special star on the first Christmas, and you can keep that tradition alive with the Sweet Stars jumbo wheel. The doodle style is sweet and soft.


TakeANumberAlthough you might Take a Number, you won't wait long at all before you're wheeling away. And since the wheeled image goes on and on, you'll never be finished counting the ways you love stamping!

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