Good Intentions

I'm already looking towards January and New Year resolutions. I know, I know — a recipe for disappointment — setting high goals and ultimately feeling badly when I don't meet them.

WeddingScrapbookPageThis year, however, I am determined to keep my goals modest and attainable.

One of those goals will be to complete two scrapbooks. I've long been overwhelmed by the boxes of photos taunting me…daring me to organize them…2009 is the year!

For inspiration, I need look no further than my own website. Stampin' Up! has provided wonderful scrapbook samples, complete with a supplies list right here on my Stampin' Up! website.

LifeIsGoodScrapbookPage I've decided to do my scrapbooks thematically instead of chronologically. Can you imagine doing a book for every year trudging through the last 30 years?

I know that that approach will be far too daunting for me to complete.

So, instead, I'm going to do one book about my babies…as babies. And another of our shared adventures when the girls and I were deeply involved in Camp Fire Boys & Girls Clubs. One book devoted to Christmas; another to family vacations. And so on.

SailAwayScrapbookPage I'm excited about this plan!

I expect this method will let me pick the best of the best pictures and memories and use some of the wonderful supplies I've accumulated.

If you're inspired by the samples here, click on each one to see the materials used.

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