Bountiful Beautiful Bows

Here's the promised tutorial for the bow shown in this post.


The supply list is short. A 6 x 12 inch piece of double-sided designer paper, a piece of coordinating paper 1-1/2" x 12", SNAIL adhesive, 1/8 inch punch, a paper cutter and a brad.

Use any brad with long blades. Here I'm using a Rhinestone brad. (Regular brads are too short.)



1. Place the 6" x 12" paper in the cutter in landscape position. Move the left edge to the 11" mark and cut. This gives you a piece that is 1" x 6". Continue to cut off one inch pieces until you have eight of them as shown at right.

BowStep22. Take the piece you have left (it is now 6" x 4"). Place it in your cutter in landscape position and cut one 1" x 4" strip.


3. Turn the paper a quarter turn and cut it into 1" strips. (Four 1" x 5" strips.) You should now have:
Eight strips 1" x 6"
Four strips 1" x 5"
One strip 1" x 4"



BowStep4 4. Take a piece of 12" designer paper in a coordinating color and cut six 1/4" strips.

Punch a hole in the center of each strip with the 1/8 inch punch.




5. Consider how you want the pattern to show on your bow loops. In this case, I'll have the inner loops with the circle pattern out, half the outside loops the circle pattern and the other half the orange pattern.

Apply SNAIL adhesive on one end of each one inch strip as shown below. BowStep6




6. Ready to make the loops? Simply hold the strip so the adhesive is on the right and facing up. Curve the two ends and place the right (sticky) side overlapping the left slightly. The angle is determined by how wide you want the opening to be…your choice, just be consistent.



Repeat with all twelve of your 1" x 6" and 1" x 5" strips. 




Punch a hole in each of the twelve loops with the 1/8" punch, about one-quarter inch from the end and centered horizontally.




BowStep97. Put SNAIL adhesive on one end of the 1" x 4" strip and make a circle. Punch a hole with the 1/8 inch punch in the center of the loop where the ends overlap.

Insert the brad into the hole from the inside of the circle.







8. Place two of the narrow 12" strips on the brad. Remember that the underside (what we're looking at here) will be the predominant pattern when you curl the paper. Note that the strips form a cross.



9. Add the four smaller loops. Keep your thumb on the top of the brad inside the center circle.



10. Add two more of the narrow 12" strips, then four of the larger loops.

Take care to alternate the positioning of the strips and the loops.







Add the final two narrow 12" strips, and then the last four loops. BowStep13b



11. Push the brad blades flat to secure the bow.

Now you can remove your thumb from the top of the brad and shake your hand out!



BowStep1512. Using the paper piercer, roll each of the narrow pieces tightly towards the center of the bowl (see right). Remove the tool and pull out the end of the curled paper. Twist and shape as desired. BowStep15a

BowStep1613. At this point, you can add an element to the center.

Here are two options:





Or go crazy with glitter, a metal tag, embossing…whatever! You could even cut the center circle and trim to expose the lovely rhinestone gem.



14. Punch a circle of coordinating card stock for the back. Put sticky strip on both sides, then peel the red liner off on one side and attach to the back of your bow.

The finished bow….


There are endless possibilities with Stampin' Up!'s designer paper.

Once you try one of these babies, you'll be hooked! I love the crisp look of the paper bow.


  1. Very nice! But, some of the pics are over the directions. Are there any important measurements under there?

  2. I can’t wait to try one of these bows. Love the swirly curls!

  3. Very nice! This is a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

  4. WOW!!! I’m going to have to scratch my plans for the night and make one of these babies. Thanks so much for giving a step by step for these.

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