Caterpillar2I am not a bug person. Aside from my limited tolerance for ladybugs and butterflies, insects do best by staying out of my sight and out of the reach of my Raid can.

Now I do understand a little biology, and I'm aware of the whole caterpillar to butterfly circle of life concept. I just don't normally care to see the caterpillars doing their munching and cocooning thing.

I may, however, have to make an exception for the Spicebush Swallowtail that's staring at you here. He's said to have false eyespots making him look snakelike to scare off predators, but I think he's rather handsome.

Caterpillar3WebThese are just two of the remarkable photographs of "24 Colorful Caterpillars" at the Colour Lovers blog.

The fabulous color combinations speak to me and say Fall and Halloween… perhaps you will also find some inspiration in the colors of nature.

Enough bugs. Onto some some projects featuring Fall hues.








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