Water, Water Everywhere…

I've been in Indiana for 10 days now, working with the American Red Cross to serve people who have been File_cont7876_lang0_3350 affected by the tornadoes and floods in the Midwest. It's exhausting, but also rewarding.

This is just an update to all my blog pals to let you know that I'm on my way to Iowa to assist with relief efforts there. I will likely be unable to post again for a few days.

Keep stamping! While I'm often without cell phone service or internet access in the areas in which I'm working, what I miss most is my stampin' stuff…y'all will have to stamp for me. :-)


  1. Hi!
    I´m just surfing around and looking for some new ideas and projcts.
    I came across your side and I think it´s great. Thanks for all inspiration.


  2. Thanks, Nancy. The people in the Midwest have been through so much. It’s an honor to be offer some small measure of comfort.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing – and for helping out in the MW! I am from Cedar Rapids, and still have family there, and the folks there need all the help they can get! Bless you!

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