In This, We Make a Difference

 MarathonGroup1What do you suppose these lovely ladies are working on?

Twelve-year-old Jenna (on the left) is stamping "Thank you's" and punching them out with the circle punch for one group of cards. Next to her is Susan, who is in the process of making 80 — yes 80! — Thank You and "Thinking of You" cards she designed. And on the right is Theresa, who is cutting the bases for another set of 25 cards.



Meanwhile, Debbie (left) is preparing 25 bases for yet another card, and Anne (right) is working on the fronts and envelopes for that batch.

We made more than 160 cards last Tuesday afternoon, in the hopes of bringing appreciation and comfort to people whose lives have been deeply affected by a devastating tornado in Hugo, MN…just north of St. Paul.

A fellow Stampin' Up! demonstrator, Christine Grygar, imagelives in a neighborhood that was virtually destroyed by the tornado, and her badly damaged home is across the street from the house in which a 2-year-old child died.

Our small Atlanta group gathered last week to put together cards to send to Christine…cards she will use to thank the volunteers, American Red Cross workers, and emergency personnel who have worked in the community since the May 25th tornado…cards she will share with her neighbors so they can do the same…and cards she can use to let tornado victims in her area know they are in our thoughts and prayers.

We pray that the people of Hugo will find blessings in the days ahead to blunt the loss, sorrow and shock they've endured.

I'll be posting the cards we made over the next couple of days. My thanks to Jenna, Debbie, Susan, Theresa and Anne for embodying Stampin' Up!'s Statement of the Heart: "To love what we do and share what we love, as we help others enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments . . . in this we make a difference."

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