Dinner Anyone?


It might just be appropriate to serve dinner on paper plates to match the paper bag invitation shown here.

Theresa Matthews just loves to play with our chef friend from the Voila stamp set, and she designed this adorable invitation. Theresa used white bags for the base of the book and formed several pockets by folding the bags in half. You can slide cards in the pockets to give directions, list a menu, and of course, state the date, time and reason for the event. You could even make an RSVP card to slide in. (Does anyone send back RSVP cards, anymore???)ChefInviteOpen

Here's a view with a couple of the cards pulled partway out.

The funny thing is that Theresa rarely cooks…shhh…don't tell her I told y'all!


  1. Hey Tracy:

    Go ahead and treat yourself…it’s such a versatile set. The chef can hold all kinds of things on his tray — from delicious to downright silly! I did a birthday card for my husband with a stack of golf balls on the tray. :-)


  2. This stamp set is on my wishlistfor a while now, I love this card. I might have to put an order in and get it I think!!!

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