Spin Me, Baby!

DSCN30320001Let me first say that I adore my husband. He is a good man, a fabulous friend, the love of my life, a great father and all round super dude.


Sometimes, he just doesn’t get it.

When I showed him this pinwheel and said I thought my crafty pals will LOVE this project, his reaction was, "Why? What’s it good for?"

Hrrumph. Is it just not in the male DNA to enjoy the beauty of a thing? What is this need that requires an object be useful? LOL!

But I have an answer for him now, because not only is this a fun, decorative project — it really spins! That makes it useful in my books.

This version uses only two sheets of 6 x 6 inch double-sided designer paper. It’s a great way to use up pieces of lovely paper you may have in your scrap bag.

Call or email me today to plan a pinwheel party of your very own!

My thanks to Kimberly Morris for the inspiration and the excellent tutorial on her blog.


  1. My husband is like that also.
    Some Men are very Logical, & Mechanical, everything has to work & have a purpose: to be useful.

    My husband Shawn isn’t into the scrapbooking, card-making stuff. However when someone needs a card, he is sure to request that I make one for someone: L.O.L.

  2. so cute and clever-I think you are super clever!

  3. Donna Faglie :

    Hey! I miss you. This is just adorable. What a great party accent. Have a blessed week.

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