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Tree_on_roof Just thought I’d post a quick update on what’s happening this week…I’ve been working with the American Red Cross in Atlanta since last weekend assisting tornado victims. The tornadoes that hit the highrises in downtown Atlanta late Friday night also devastated many homes and apartments in the Vine City and Cabbagetown areas.

As I’ve talked with people whose lives have been disrupted by the storms, I’ve been reminded of the best and the less-than-best in the human spirit. A few people are rude, demanding and even greedy in the face of diasaster — but many more carry themselves with grace, dignity and integrity. I wonder if I could be as gracious if my home was destroyed.

I’m grateful that I have not had to find out. :-)

I’m also grateful for my friends and family…and for you, dear readers.Erv_vol

Please consider donating to your local chapter of the American Red Cross this month. Many chapters, including Atlanta, are in a real financial crunch. The southeast is especially affected, due in large part to the 2004 hurricane season, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the worsening economy. The Red Cross does a great job in keeping administrative costs low while servicing large numbers of displaced people in need due to disasters.

If you have the means to do so, I urge you to send a personal donation to the American Red Cross. Any amount will be gratefully accepted. Volunteers work in every county in this country responding to local fires, gas leaks and local disaster situations…in addition to the large disasters we see in the news. Your donation can stay in your community to work for your friends and neighbors — and perhaps you — when disaster strikes.

My stamp journey has been interrupted this week, but we’ll continue our creative trek next week. Email me or leave a comment and I’ll be able to answer it Sunday. Until then, I’ll be wearing one of those bright red vests you see on t.v. coverage of disasters, listening to stories of courage and loss, and doing my best to bring comfort and aid to those whose lives have been so dramatically touched by disaster.

Your part in supporting your local American Red Cross chapter is just as important and necessary!

You can make a donation online at www.atlantaredcross.org, or send your check to:
American Red Cross
P.O. Box 101590
Atlanta, GA. 30392


  1. Donna Faglie :

    Hey Kathleen, Thank you for serving the community in such a sweet way. There are several churches in Atlanta and Decatur that are Angel Food Ministry Host Sites. Angel Food is a hand up for people who need tobe able to feed themselves and family in a time of need. A food box is just $30 and will help feed a family of 4 for a month. I am putting the link to the website where people can go to order a box of food. THe March distribution has aleady taken place but April is just around the corner. As you help people you may come across some that could benefit from Angel Food Mintries.

    link to angelfoodministries.org

    For any of the other readers AFM is available in most states so if you know of someone that needs some help please point them to the website.

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