C’mon Baby, Light My Fire


We’ve had oodles of fun this month at clubs, classes and parties making paper lanterns.

These go together in a snap, and are great for party centerpieces or favors. They are so easy to make!

Each lantern takes a 6 inch by 9 inch piece of double-sided designer paper, plus a 6" x  2 1/4" strip for the handle.

These lantern beauties are best illuminated with a battery-operated candle light…such as the one shown next to the lantern at left. Or hang a few on a wire or  decorative rope strand. You could even use Christmas lights to give it that party sparkle!

The lantern on the left was made with a sheet from the Bali Breeze collection; the one on the right is Cutie Pie paper.

Hmm…I wonder if you could put a bottom on these, fill them with candy and smack at them pinata style?

Maybe I’ll just eat the candy and not bash at my lovely lanterns!

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