Happiness Is…

Sweetshapes1…a stamp set in my hand, an idea in my head and the song stylings of Etta James or  Andrea Bocelli.

Sometimes my mood dictates Gershwin or Broadway tunes…sometimes it’s the genius of Mozart or the soothing strains of Vivaldi that fits my muse.

Don’t think I’m a music snob, though — I can belt out "Going to the Chapel" with the best of ‘em!

My music tastes are eclectic. I love classical, opera, jazz and blues…but also rock ‘n roll, gospel, contemporary Christian and country…even techno, funk and alternative tunes visit my studio.

Do you play music while creating? Watch (or listen) to TV? What sounds travel with you on your creative journeys?


  1. Love the colors. What stampset did you use?

    Also, when creating, I have the “sound” of my 19 month old daughter in the background (LOL) :)

  2. I tend to listen only in the car, how silly of me! What’s the point of that wall full of CDs? I guess my crafting time is generally limited, so adding music to the mix is usually an afterthought. Going to rectify that tonight! ;)
    BEAUTIFUL card BTW, I adore polished stone!!!

  3. Very pretty! I love the color combination you chose! I like to listen to music – usually I just open up Itunes on my laptop while I play . . .

  4. very pretty background and lovely narative

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