Savino Stamps

Savino1_2 Savino2_2
Savino3_3 This is my youngest stamper. Savino is 7 and he is ALL boy. He asked one day if he could stamp by himself. He wanted to make some bookmarks for his teacher. So I gave him three inkpads, a wheel, two stamp sets and some Whisper White paper cut into bookmark size. Then I left the room. This is big y’all — I left the child alone with ink!

Of course I did have to sneak back in with my camera.


How about that? I was very impressed!


These are the rest of the bookmarks Savino made.

Remember — he had no coaching at all.

I’ll not let any adult ever again tell me they can’t stamp.

Leave me a comment about your experiences with stamping with kids…or just tell me how cute this boy is!


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Lisa… sounds like a good time was had by all. Your idea of doing book bag tags is terrific!


  2. Last fall, I did my first craft show as a demonstrator. I had make-n-takes for the kids (of all ages). I gave the option of stamping a bookmark or book bag tag. I found the kids were very creative and open to trying this new thing. It was also a way to get their parents into my booth-with much success I might add. It was great fun!
    Stamping is for everyone-even the college kids got in on the fun. Some made some mini cards for their roommates. They were tickled with their new creations. Their excitement was contagious!

  3. Your son is not only very cute – but also talented!! Really!!!
    I would never have…
    Brave lady.

  4. Thanks, ladies — I am just a wee bit proud of this young man. :-)

    Not sure I’d let a 2-year-old stamp…I’d have to work myself up to that! How brave you are – LOL!


  5. Cute boy and great stamping. My 2 yr old grandson stamped with us last month at our Holiday Stamp a Stack. I am also volunteer at RMDH and the kids are great stampers, so are the Moms and Dads too….

  6. Now tell me kids cannot do stamping. These booksmarks are great. What a wonderful gift these would make for christmas for family and friends also. I love how he did this. I also do crafts with nieces and nephews.

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