Free — er…Liberate — the Rice

Freerice_2Did you know that isinglass means mica glass? Or that picaroon is another name for pirate?

I stumbled on a site recently that is simple, educational, fun and making a difference in world poverty. At a significant amount of money has been raised just by people playing a free vocabulary game. Every correct answer means a donation of 20 grains of rice to feed the hungry. The funds are distributed by the United Nations World Food Programme.

In an interview on National Public Radio earlier this week, founder John Breen explained that he got the idea from watching his son study for the S.A.T. exam. Breen created the site and typed in the 10,000 definitions into the database. The money donated is actually collected from corporations who pay to advertise on the site.

So, take a break from your Christmas preparations…go to where you can play a little, learn a little and feed the hungry all at the same time!

Then come back and report your high score — mine is 46…but I’m working on it.  :-)


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